Chantelle Pahtayken, a Native Aboriginal who defied the odds and became a success. Not only is Chantelle an entrepreneur but a proud single mom and an expert aesthetician.

As a native aboriginal from Canada Chantelle Pahtayken has always admired the simple beauty of nature. It’s at the core of who she is. Even when it comes to makeup, Pahtayken’s traditional heritage plays a part. She embraces a clean, natural look for herself and for her clients at her fast-growing business The Second Look Studio.

Women who want gorgeous, full, long, lashes that look real – can find them at The Second Look Studio located in San Marcos, California. Pahtayken’s artful eye and experienced hands also deliver waxing, and microblading – all designed to capitalize on boosting natural, not manufactured looking beauty.

While being an aesthetician seemed to be in Pahtayken’s DNA, so was being an entrepreneur and champion for other women and minorities starting their own businesses.

“I feel like I want to give back and teach my skill to others because I want them to be successful too. Not just my people but other women from different races as well,” says Pahtayken.

A single mom and owner of a thriving business, Pahtayken still finds time in her busy schedule to tutor and mentor native Aboriginal women who want to follow their own dreams and grow a business. She says helping them has been enormously satisfying. After attending college, she worked in a number of well-known spas perfecting her craft until she decided to open a studio of her own. She admits her own journey wasn’t always easy, but she always believed.

“Some of the hardships with becoming an entrepreneur was learning to take risks. No matter how difficult or scary it seemed financially I always thought “ It will be okay” or “It will be fine” lol They’re still my sayings to this day,” says Pahtayken.

Pahtayken says to stay fresh and continue growing personally and in her business she continues to try new things while staying true to her roots that tie her to the her culture. She offers this advice to other aboriginal women struggling to find the strength to spread their entrepreneurial wings.

“I would tell my people that if I can do it they can do it and that I’m rooting for them to follow their dreams. That I’ll be here to help them every step of the way even after the training. I want to empower them so that they can see what they’re capable of too.”

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